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Comparing Dating Apps

dating apps

It’s the season of love. While it’s easier to differentiate between the two strong emotions of love and lust, it’s likely that a particular emotion could account for another in some time. For this article, I will be comparing some of the dating apps and tell you which one I find better. Yes, I used these apps for around a month (not saying that I haven’t turned to these apps in the past in desperate times). This time, I had a purpose. 

Here are a few dating apps that I used:


The good thing about Tinder is that it is insanely popular across all regions in the country, so much so that it has become synonymous with the online dating scenario. The app is widely used among millennials and GenZ, and its algorithm creates potential matches via location and preferences.

The best part about using Tinder is that it is user-friendly and does not spam you with unwanted emails. If you are from the LGBTQ community, the app lets you seek connections with similar interests. 

The downside of this app is that there are a lot of fake profiles on the app due to its massive fame. However, Tinder has addressed this issue and has started with the verified profile feature where you have to click a selfie of yourself to verify your profile. 

On Tinder, you get a limited number of swipes and if you want to go past that, there is a Tinder Gold feature that you have to purchase. Not only do you get unlimited swipes, but you can also change the geographical location and see who liked your profile. The cost for Tinder Gold is Rs 600 for a month, Rs 566/m for 3 months and Rs 373/m for 6 months.

OK Cupid

The OkCupid app is extremely user-friendly and one can sign up on the app without having to struggle too much. The app can be used for both casual hookups and meaningful connections. Moreover, there are literally 20+ sexual orientations and 12+ genders to choose from on the app, so you do not have to feel left out anymore. 

What’s good about OkCupid is that, unlike Tinder, one can send messages to anyone even before you are matched. This one quality makes it extremely lucrative for people who want to shoot their shots. However, one thing I found while using OkCupid is that since its registration is free there are lots of fake accounts on this one, many of which are scammers. 

The cost of OkCupid Premium is Rs 525 for a month, Rs 350/month for 3 months, and 260/month for 6 months, which upon subscribing you can see who liked you, send unlimited likes, and unlock the intros that you received from other people. 


This one is my personal favourite for how well sorted this application is. Again, signing up on this app is completely free and easy, but here you can choose from the three given options. That is, the ‘Date’ option where you can start your relationship or engage in hookups, the ‘BFF’ option which leads you to make friends or find community, and the ‘Bizz’ option that allows you to take your career ahead.

Unlike the date option, the BFF feature does not allow you to choose for specific gender and is inclusive in nature, so this does not reduce the app to just being a mere dating app. The buzz acts somewhat like a LinkedIn whose purpose is to get people connected on professional terms. 

There is something else too that makes the application more interesting. Bumble makes it a lot easier for you to boost your profile by giving the ‘one-day’ purchase option at a very reasonable price. Besides Premium, Bumble also lets you buy Spotlight for half an hour that sort of pushes your profile for the time period and SuperSwipe which will push your profile to the top for someone you super swiped. 


See, love happens, it is not searched for. But if you don’t seek what’s seeking you, you are likely to have hard luck. These are some of the best applications if you are either looking for dating scenes or trying to build a community. What do you think works best for you? 

And yes, if online dating doesn’t turn out well for you, remember that you are capable of going out and having actual conversations with people. A little old school but works like a charm!

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