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International Yoga Day – Tech for a better Yoga experience

In our fast-paced lives, it has become difficult for us to take the time out of our days to hit the gym or maintain a fitness regime to ensure good health. However, taking just 10-15 minutes out of your day to stretch and flex your body through Yoga variations is something all of us can easily manage to do. The ancient practice of Yoga has proven helpful for people around the world to find peace and wellness from the comfort of their own homes. Thus, on International Yoga Day, here are some of the best tech gadgets you can use to enhance your Yogic experience.

Smart Yoga Mat – YogiFi Gen 2 

One of the most essential pieces for practising Yoga in a safe manner is by using a Yoga mat. But what if your Yoga mat was loaded with features?  This smart yoga mat – YogiFi Gen 2 – works using AI and includes multiple features like activity tracking, posture detection, and real-time feedback. 

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Smart Fitness Tracker – Fitbit 

Fitbit offers a number of health trackers to choose from, including Fitbit Charge, Inspire, and Versa. All these trackers are designed to track specific exercise tracking modes with one of them being Yoga. Fitbit can also enhance your overall Yoga and health experience by helping you focus on your calories burned, heart rate, and sleep schedule. 

Smart Yoga Pants – Nadi X 

Yoga pants are essential if you want the utmost comfort while stretching, twisting, and balancing. While standard Yoga pants are stylish and breathable, Nadi X smart Yoga pants come with built-in sensors that help you refine your flow. The sensors guide you through Yoga sessions using audio and vibration cues. 

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Smart Posture Corrector – Strack

A good posture matters a lot as it can improve your overall health. Strack is a smart posture trainer that attaches to your back and vibrates gently whenever you need a posture correction. 

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