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Monsoon Photography – Tips & Tricks

An overcast sky, dim lighting, and lots of water are all the things that photographers need to set their feet outside the beloved cosy homes. The art of photography during the monsoon season is something out of the world as the season offers photographers the chance to click some incredible, artistic and dramatic pictures. 

However, to come up with one great shot, you need to be very knowledgeable and technically skilled, as well as have the patience to deal with the subjects in a sometimes chaotic situation. Learning from the photographer’s perspective helps you understand this completely different vision and the significance of minor details. 

After the first rainfall of the season, a friend of mine who loves street photography told me that it is his favourite time of the year to shoot. Much greater intensity is used to tell the story. For instance, a police officer performing his duties on the road would have better facial expressions while working in the monsoon season, which would better convey his commitment to his job. 

In terms of the tactics, a blurred background is typically achieved using a low aperture. The techniques of photography are challenging, but the outcomes are as astounding. It requires photographers’ skilled use of specialised equipment to support the poetic message. Here are some suggestions to make things simpler if you’re among those who would wish to venture outside in this weather.

Defend your equipment

It indicates that the DSLR can withstand a small amount of wetness; nevertheless, if there is wind or heavy rain, a plastic cover will ensure safety. Additionally, novices shouldn’t carry too much equipment they cannot handle. Just bring a raincoat, an umbrella, or a plastic cover if you don’t want to spend money.

Search for water-filled streets

Try to include a street with water once the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining brightly; this will give you a wonderful reflection of the street and make your way for the ideal photo.

Watch out for rainbows

One should not miss the rainbows during the monsoon season as they’re rare to find in any other season. They come when the sunlight breaks through rain clouds.

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