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Mumbiker Nikhil – Influencer of the Month

Mumbiker Nikhil - Influence of the Month

Ex: Your Instagram feed and YouTube videos are full of your daughter SKY, and we all love her. So first, tell us what change she brings in your life or perhaps your vlogging life?

Ans: She has made me a better and happier man than I ever was, and that energy now reflects through my vlogs.

Ex: What type of content you’re planning to shoot in the future? The same moto vlogging and lifestyle videos or something new like the daddy-daughter vlogs that goes best with SKY?

Ans: Daddy daughter vlogs as there are so many beautiful moments that I’d like to share with my MN squad, but nothing can stop my travel, riding and lifestyle content either. I enjoy creating that kinda content a lot.

Ex: What kind of equipment do you think every budding moto vlogger should own and brief us about the road safety measures while vlogging?

Ans: A nice GoPro with a perfect mic set up on it with a 360-degree camera and about safety measures, don’t get distracted while riding and vlogging at the same time. Nothing comes over safety on the road. Also, make sure you are comfortable with vlogging while riding, and only then go ahead n do it while you hit the road.

Ex: You’ve been uploading at least one video a day for the last few months. How do you manage to maintain consistency in vlogs? Also, how does technology play a role in all of this?

Ans: We all have at least 10-15 minutes of interesting things happening in our lives. Honestly, I have hardly missed 2-3 days of vlogging this year. I think we all have at least 10-15 mins of interesting things happening in our life every day. That’s what I do. I capture those interesting moments in my vlog every day and manage consistency. Plus, as I have progressed, I upgraded to a better camera, laptop & internet connection which helps me with this.

Ex: What’s your most recent tech purchase? 

Ans: GoPro hero 10 & Macbook M1 pro max.

Ex: Do you think YouTube is a different place in terms of growth compared to when you started?

Ans: Yes, completely. Today, it’s much, much easier than it used to be. The emphasis is on much because now you have a platform set in every genre from the creators who started it.

Ex: What is your definition of success? 

Ans: Doing what you love to do without faking it.

Ex: What’s the best comment you’ve ever received on your social media accounts?

Ans: There are so many, but if I had to pick, it’s the one where people comment how my videos have motivated them to never give up.

Ex: You’re one of the best influencers in India, but who is the one other personality that influenced you the most?

Ans: Casey Neistat.

Ex: What are the best tech and auto purchases you’ve ever made?

Ans: Audi Q7 for auto and tech is Sony a7s3. (probably one of the best cameras of today’s times)

Ex: What are the worst tech and auto purchases you’ve ever made?

Ans: I would say none because I deeply research before buying stuff, and there is no auto and tech purchase that I have not used to the fullest and its value to date.

Ex: What are the perks of being an influencer? And how do you demonstrate your work when somebody with no youtube knowledge asks you about it?

Ans: You get a lot of things for free. I make an actual reality show on youtube about my life.

Ex: What’s the dumbest way you’ve been injured while vlogging?

Ans: I have never been injured while vlogging.

Quick Bites

Ex: Your all-time favourite bike?

Ans: BMW GSA 1250

Ex: Which one would you choose between, BMW R 1200 GS or Triumph Tiger?


Ex: iPhone or Android? 

Ans: iPhone

Ex: One gadget you can’t live without? 

Ans: My Camera

Ex: A road trip with friends or an international trip with the family?

Ans: Anything with family

Ex: Crypto or NFT?

Ans: Crypto

Ex: A quote that defines your current life?

Ans: If you don’t respect time, the time will never respect you

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