Activities to do during rainy season at home

10 Activities For When The Rain Locks You Indoors

Bored in the rain

Heavy rains always bring the mood down, especially when you are preparing to go out and socialise. However, there’s no need to be down when there are so many fun activities you can do from the comfort of your own home. It’s also a great way to catch up on some downtime and show your home some well-deserved TLC.

What can you do when you’re stuck indoors?

Get Competitive with Board Games 

We all have board games stored away in some cupboard from our childhood days. Board games are an amazing way to bide away your free time. It’s also a bonding opportunity for those who aren’t great at video games and an activity whole families can enjoy together. 

People playing board games

Freshen Up Your Home 

Sometimes, rainy days might bring your mood down. Luckily, there is a science behind cleaning your home and upgrading your living space. There are several tiny details in your home that are missing out on a good cleaning or a much-needed update. It doesn’t cost a single penny or take up that much energy. Whether it’s rearranging your bookshelf or swapping out a table cover for a fresh one, it always feels rejuvenating to clean and change something about your home. 

Organise your home

Learn a New Skill 

Whether it’s learning a new language or picking up crocheting, learning a new skill can enhance your brain activity and productively pass the time. There are endless lessons available on YouTube or accessible sites specialising in the skills you wish to learn. 

Use Duolingo for language skills

Take a Nap 

On the flip side, you can choose not to be productive and take a nap. Life is also about resting and gaining back the energy you may have lost working or studying for long periods. It’s all about balance, and if you have free time, why not spend it resting? It’s great to laze around, and you should never feel ashamed of it. It’s not healthy to be sleep-deprived, so catch up on that sleep. 

Nap on a rainy day

Create a Virtual Party 

When the inconvenience of the heavy rains makes you cancel plans with friends or family, you can easily create an online hangout. Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing apps were the saving grace of the lockdown in 2020 and are still a solution during the pouring rain. 

Friends video calling each other

Build a Fort 

As kids, we used to build forts by placing a blanket over a formation of chairs and then sleeping under it. Sleepovers were the best time for blanket forts, and rainy days set the mood even more. It’s more convenient than setting up a tent indoors and much more cozy. You can have a movie night and cuddle up with your friends, family, or even a pet. 

Build a blanket fort

Cuddle Up with a Good Book 

The sound of the rain combined with a great book is an opportunity you do not want to miss. You can either settle in with a new book or revisit an old favourite of yours that brings comfort to you. There’s no such thing as reading a book too many times, after all. So grab your favourite beverage and enjoy the company of a nice book. 

Reading on a rainy day

Set Up a Movie Marathon 

What better way to bide the time than with a movie marathon? You can watch classics like Singin’ in the Rain (1952) or The Notebook (2004), gather your favourite food and beverages and cuddle up on the couch with a cosy blanket. It doesn’t even have to be a movie marathon. You could also continue binge-watching your favourite show. 

Movie marathon with your family

Pamper Yourself 

Spending the day in means plenty of time to indulge in some self-care routines. The feeling of taking care of yourself is easily one of the best. You feel refreshed and like a whole new person after the entire routine. There’s so much you can do – from deep conditioning your hair to using a foot scrub. 

Indulge in skincare

Cook a Full Meal 

We rarely ever cook the full three-course meal for ourselves. But on a rainy day with that much time on your hands, it’s time to double down and go all the way with your meal. Make an appetiser, a delicious main course and a decadent dessert. It’s guaranteed to be satisfying and worth the effort. If you live with others, it’s even more of a challenge but something to do for people you love. 

Cooking with your loved one on a rainy day

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