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Saloni Gaur – Comic Creator of the Month

  • Exhibit: How did you get started in content creation?

Saloni: I started creating content when I was in college. I had plenty of time and very little to study. I mean exactly like how a college student behaves. I was doing the exact same. I was really into stand-up comedy. I used to perform at a college fest, but then it used to get over. At that time, there were very few creators back then. So I thought, why not try this? So I thought, let’s give it a try to pass my time, and eventually, it picked up.

  • Ex: What sort of reaction were you expecting when you first started posting online? 

Saloni: When I first uploaded a video, I was obviously expecting a huge reaction from the public, but then I remembered that my account was private. So all the views that came on my video were from my friends and family who used to follow me, and it didn’t bother me at all. I mean, I was doing it for myself and just to make my friends and family happy. I loved making them laugh. It was my favourite thing to do. 

  • Ex: How do you go about writing your skits? 

Saloni: Writing is something that takes most of my time in my work. I mean, it usually takes one or two hours to shoot it, but it definitely takes up to three to four hours to write something. It depends on the script and how I go about it. I mean, if I am doing a character who is mimicking someone, then it takes probably an hour to write something because most of the work is done by them, the character that I’m mimicking. I mean, they set the premise, and I just have to add the punchline. However, if I am doing a character of my own, it usually takes up to two to three hours to write something. You have to get into the skin of that character, and you have to think like them according to their mindset. All my characters are inspired by someone or another, as I have not taken up any course on how I should write. Writing funny skits comes to me naturally, and sometimes when I am stuck, I feel like I have the most funny people I have ever met.

  • Ex: What’s the inspiration behind your relatable humour and skits?

Saloni: As I said earlier, it’s definitely my family. Obviously, the laughter challenge was one comedy show that I watched for the first time, but it was definitely my family and their humour. I mean, my grandmother is very funny. You have to be around her to understand her humour. She’s very straightforward and sarcastic, but it’s in a way that you will never feel bad about it. My father has a dramatic humour, while my mother has a very self-deprecating humour. So, these are the basic examples of my inspiration. 

  • Ex: How did it feel to expand your career?

Saloni: Expanding my career felt great. Who doesn’t want to earn money and get famous? Some people don’t, but I always wanted to. When I was in school, I used to say that one day, I’d become a famous personality. I don’t know how, but I was sure one day I’d be. And when it happened, it felt great.

  • Ex: Who are some of your favourite comedians? 

Saloni: Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Carr, Zakir Khan, and Ali Wong.

Quick bytes:

  • One must-have app on your phone besides WhatsApp? 


  • iOS or Android?


  • Cats or dogs? 


  • What’s a surprising fact about yourself?

Sometimes, I’m socially awkward.

  • Texting or calling? 


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