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Sometimes, All You Need Is Me Time

Me time can be challenging, especially if you lead a hectic life. Often, it is considered that taking out time for yourself is being selfish, but trust me, it is NOT. I feel no matter how old you are, which profession you work in, or what your routine is, taking out time to do things that give you satisfaction is essential. 

One often keeps juggling between personal and professional life, avoiding taking care of oneself, which may affect mental health. Knowing what not to do in me-time is entirely normal. 

Me time is normal and not something to be dreamed of. Me time refers to spending time with yourself by doing things to restore energy, reduce stress and relax. Most importantly, doing these things unapologetically. 

Some of the activities to do in me-time are:

Go for a quick workout

Take a hot water shower

Watch a series or a movie

Play online games, PS or on Xbox

Go shopping

Volunteer at an NGO

Take a power nap


Listen to songs/podcasts

Indulge in self-care

Cook or bake a dish

Make a DIY

Book a spa

Go out for a meal/coffee

Book a hobby class

Take a spin in your car



Read a book

Buy yourself flowers

We all owe it to ourselves to take care of selves. Taking care of ourselves plays an essential role in strengthening our inter and intra relationships. 

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