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Threads amassed 100 million users within a week, defeating ChatGPT

Threads, Instagram’s audacious foray into the realm of microblogging, has stunned the digital landscape by amassing a staggering 100 million users within a mere week, according to Meta’s illustrious Mark Zuckerberg, CEO. This meteoric rise cements Threads’ position as the swiftest-growing app in the annals of history, outpacing even OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which took a comparatively leisurely two months to achieve the same feat.

Emerging victoriously from its global debut in 100 countries, including India, the app captivated the hearts and screens of 30 million individuals within a few hours, effortlessly securing the title of the fastest-downloaded app ever conceived. However, the maestro behind Meta, the indomitable Mark Zuckerberg, astounded the world again on Friday when he announced that Threads had surpassed a staggering 70 million sign-ups, propelling it into uncharted popularity.

Threads, ingeniously cloaked as an Instagram app, was masterfully crafted by the talented minds within the Instagram fold. Yet, it aims to emulate Twitter’s essence by focusing primarily on concise textual updates. Users must access the separate app using their Instagram credentials, enabling them to weave compelling narratives within a 500-character limit while incorporating captivating photos and videos.

Threads directly challenge Twitter, which has wobbled on the ridge of turmoil since its acquisition by the illustrious Tesla CEO. The billionaire maverick has struggled to reshape the platform to his visionary whims, a contentious journey fraught with employee reductions and controversial policy alterations that have, regrettably, alienated a considerable faction of Twitter’s steadfast devotees.

Since the launch of Threads, Musk has criticized Threads several times, unleashing accusations of “unlawful misappropriation” of trade secrets against Meta. As the digital arena braces for an epic clash between the social media behemoths, Threads emerges as an indomitable force, capturing the collective imagination of millions while raising the stakes in the ceaseless struggle for online dominance.

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