Top Accessories to Buy from DailyObjects "Back To College" Sale

Top Accessories to Buy from DailyObjects “Back To College” Sale


After two months of summer vacation, the colleges of our country have opened their gates for a fresh academic year, and students are officially back in college. Like every year, students desire to start their college days with new accessories, be it stylish backpacks or trendy phone cases. And when the talk is about accessories, how can one ignore a platform like DailyObjects?

DailyObjects is a design-obsessed lifestyle accessories brand committed to turning your ordinary day into an extraordinary one with its accessories. With the convenience of online shopping, they offer you the opportunity to explore their collection and find the perfect accessory for you on the go. They recently announced its ‘Extended Back to College Sale’, and here’s a list of hotshots.

Smartphone Cases

DailyObjects - iPhone 15 Smartphone Case

DailyObjects is offering up to 50% off on smartphone cases, and the list includes top brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Nothing and Google. The online accessories platform is offering cool, trendy and funky phone cases for all the latest smartphones, starting from ₹499 to ₹1199. Grab them as early as possible to save yourself from a pang of guilt.

Lanyards to keep your phone close and secure

DailyObjects Crossbody Lanyard Cord

Along with smartphone cases, DailyObjects is offering various types of lanyard cords – dual-tone phone, crossbody, wrist, and reflective lanyard cords. The lanyards seamlessly blend in with your routine and styling preferences while providing hands-free convenience. Be it Apple or Android, these cords are designed to pair with all smartphones. The cords are priced from ₹699, and if you buy two of them, then you’ll get 20% off.

Laptop Sleeves

DailyObjects Laptop Sleeve

The days are gone when students used to carry notebooks in their backpacks. The world is now more inclined towards having a digital book, for instance, laptops. Instead of book covers, students are now more concerned about laptop covers. DailyObjects is offering some classy laptop sleeves starting from ₹899, and like the rest of the products, the design is stunning.


DailyObjects Bestsellers

The brand also offers various other products for up to 60% off. The list includes shoulder bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, tote bags, 360° rotatable phone/tablet stands, wallets, 4-in-1 universal braided charging cables, desk mats, laptop stands, watchbands, messenger bags, and more. So, hurry up before the sale ends.

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