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Why do people romanticise Hustle Culture?

Hello, social animals! Welcome to the most insecure century. Naah, I ain’t gonna apologize for my words cause I’ve edited pretty much before going ahead with the current intro. We’re living in a time where everybody wants to be on top. Ask anyone from the current generation how’s their life going, and they would proudly answer – Going good, I’m working very hard to get what I want in my life.

Okay, kiddo, happy dreaming, but even superheroes struggle to get what they want and sometimes prefer to sacrifice instead of being ARIES, one of the most stubborn signs of the lot. We all know that our favourite LinkedIn app is no more an app that provides job opportunities to job-seekers since some of the marketing guys have turned it into a motivational quote’wala app.

Hope, you’ve seen a few quotes on the app this morning. If you haven’t, here’s one fo’ you.

“Elon Musk works 80 to 90 hours a week, has 6 companies and is only 50. 

Stop making excuses, and get the hell on with it.”

No doubt, the guy is a genius, and in future, he will accomplish more peaks, but we can’t ignore the fact that he sucks at delegating his work. Now, the inner entrepreneur in you will say that to achieve big things, you must work hard and go through hell. Well, following the schedule of 80 to 90 hours of work a week, what’s left for you? You’re already living in hell, bro.

The people who are currently above the age of 40 think HARD WORK is the key to everything. While the young generation, who are currently in their 20s/30s, think HARD WORK DONE SMARTLY will take them to the moon as it increases their productivity. However, in reality, to become productive, you must learn to combine hard work with exercise, proper sleep, time off, and healthy eating habits.

I’ve seen people who spend over 15+ hours working (thanks to the eye-opening quotes) and then brag about it on social media platforms with captions like “Let’s make money baby, we can fall in love later”, of course, followed by #hustle. Honestly, that’s terrifying, and that’s not how you should live your life. Think about your health, and stop grazing as soon as possible.

I don’t know why most of us like to graze almost 24/7 like a cow instead of working like a lion, which means being completely involved in the zone and working with zero distractions. When you completely invest yourself in work for about 3-5 hours a day, you don’t get exhausted and anxious, but when you graze for 10+ hours, you know what happens to you?

Someone on social media posted a quote, “Keep Hustling,” and like a dumb ass, most of us started following the rituals such as waking up, having a coffee, rushing to work and then working like a dog till we got the work done. Sometimes, we even skip meals, work after the end of our regular shift hours (only to impress the boss and be in the competition) and work on weekends to meet deadlines.

We are a generation of workaholics, except for a few traitors like me and some of my colleagues who don’t indulge themselves in a hustle culture. Today, most people we work with spend additional hours at the job, are obsessed over success, relentlessly sprinkle positivity, and glorify their lifestyle by saying we’re busy. Ask them when they’re in the loo, and they’ll answer back, “I’m working”.

Really? Don’t you have a life outside work?

Back then, when our forefathers were young, they believed in camping, meditating, trekking, fishing, etc., only to defocus themselves from the mundane work culture and gain their focus back. They were a firm believer in putting their life and family before anything. I’m telling you, taking a pause from the mundane routine always helps you to develop innovative ideas.

The young generation questions the motive behind relaxation and considers leisure an urban legend. They believe and follow an always-on ideology in the name of workload, which is damn exhausting. Besides working for additional hours, they subconsciously spend a huge amount of time thinking and worrying about the work.

Nowadays, many people work for the sake of working and earning money. They don’t have any purpose behind their work, and that’s why many of us aren’t satisfied with our careers. Some people will happily say yes to work till death if someone offers them a great package without even giving a second thought to their health and happiness.

Sometimes, even a guy like me who doesn’t even follow the hustle culture feels like I’m burnt out. You know where we went wrong? When we decide to follow our ego instead of our brains and hearts. You still have time, don’t fall into the trap of hustle culture cause with that, you’re only pushing yourself away from a healthy work-life balance. Next time, before saying yes, think twice about yourself. Ciao.

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