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Why Anand Mahindra’s $1 Million in Hapramp makes sense

Why Anand Mahindra's $1 Million in Hapramp makes sense

So many social networking startups! Isn’t the world already so full of social media platforms? Why another? And why the investment? While many thoughts might come to your mind after reading that headline, let us talk about Hapramp and why it is actually so unique and worth it. 

Hapramp facts:

  1. Founded by 5 young people in 2018 – Shubhendra Vikram, Pratyush Singh, Mofid Ansari, Ankit Kumar and Rajat Dangi  
  2. Based in Gurugram
  3. Combines tech, creativity and data security 

The Timeline 

Just like most startups, the idea of Hapramp came to life in a hostel room! The founders made time for creating the tech startup by doing freelance jobs. It was a risk they were willing to take in order to build something valuable. 

While most of you might not be aware of, it was one of their first startups based on Steem Blockchain. It has a similar concept – social media for creators where users could earn cryptocurrency basis the upvotes on their content. We think it’s a very cool concept! While had become very popular and was presented in two Blockchain events in Thailand and Poland,the challenges the team faced with the user experience was something they wanted to fix. 

In 2019, they created GoSocial which was again, a platform for creators and also, Asteria Protocol which is the tech that takes care of data security, privacy and monetisation. Hapramp is an upgrade to that – a platform with better data security from the learnings of 

Starting out with GoSocial 

Content creators are at the heart of every project that the founders work on. This is because content creators are the ones who build the highest value on the internet today. However, their efforts aren’t monetised fairly most of the time and this is what the focus of Hapramp is.

They were focussed on the problem their platforms solve and the benefit that the users get. GoSocial began with photographers and expanded to having artists and writers too. 

A Step by Step Research Model:

  • Internet Age – how long a person has been using the internet.
  • Stages of a Creator’s Journey – discovery (beginners), learning, professional (experts)
  • Self-challenges – All that the creators do to make creative ritual
  • Importance of validation

Using this research and experimenting based on data and learnings, they started building an experience that helps budding creators to learn photography, art and writing in a social context directly from expert creators. 

GoSocial has a unique way of building a relationship between the creator and the creation. Expert creators host creative challenges and the users take those challenges! Unique and interesting. GoSocial team’s focus is to work on tools that can help experts monetize their expertise and content. 

The Multiple concepts at play here are:

  • Vertical communities
  • P2P exchange of value
  • Personal growth. 


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