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Microsoft is Replacing Employees with AI

Microsoft is Replacing Employees with AI

Until yesterday (not literally but almost) AI was a fancy word that was too far fetched to be true so soon. I mean robots and the likes were only a thing in the movies, right? Replacing humans? You must be kidding me!

No, we aren’t kidding you because not only has Artificial Intelligence – AI started rooting itself in our minds but has also begun to create waves in the real work world. Now, these waves are pleasant for some while a Tsunami for many others. 

For instance and for news, Microsoft has taken over the job of taking everyone’s job. We mean that they’ve replaced dozens of journalists with artificial intelligence. This means that journalists have been fired. We are talking about the employees who maintained the homepages on Microsoft’s MSN website and its Edge browser. They have been told (indirectly, of course) that robots will most definitely do a better job than them. Is there really a subtle way to say this? We aren’t sure. 

Around 27 employees at PA Media were told that they have only a month’s time to say goodbye after Microsoft decided to make AI the star employee of the month, year, decade and so on.. and to stop employing real people to select, edit and curate news articles on all the homepages.

Is this notice too short? Of course. Besides the fact that AI has been in the news since quite some time now and there has been a lot of talk around how it will replace humans in so many ways, employees didn’t expect it to happen this fast. They also didn’t expect Microsoft to give such a short notice. They’re not surprised as they knew this would come sooner or later but they’re startled because it’s too sudden. 

Humans over Artificial Intelligence AI

In defense of humans over Artificial Intelligence, one employee deemed the decision extremely risky, as the AI might not be able to deliver results as per the “very strict editorial guidelines” which can only be adhered to by humans at all possible times. Use of AI could lead to violent or inappropriate content being presented on opening the browser and there could be an underage person sitting on the other end of the screen. 

Well, only time will tell who beats whom but we know one thing for sure. The fight is real. With so much happening across the world where we have a fight against racism and a pandemic, here we are in a fight against tech too! Human beings or AI? Who do you think will be the real winner here? 

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