5 Most important feature update by Apple in 2024
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Major 5 update Feature Apple has introduced In 2024 for iPhones, iPads and Mac

Massive news from Apple’s WWDC today: in a 2-hour event, Apple unveiled significant AI updates for iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. Here are five important highlights from the Apple new launch 2024.

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Apple update you should know.

1. Text editing

Text editing is going to be very simple on any Apple device. Now on any Apple device, you can select the text and activate this menu. Because of this you can very easily proofread, rewrite, change tone or any AI action very easily.

2. Image Generation

The second update is that image generation is also going to come in Apple’s native apps. image generation is also going to come.
For example, if you want to wish someone a happy birthday, then now Apple can use such a personalised face in iMessage to create images for you.

3. Searching Images in natural language

The third update is that finally in photos, there is support for searching in natural language. This means that you can directly search for any screenshot or photo and it will accurately bring that thing back.
Apple Intelligence can pick out the best photos and videos based on a user’s description, craft a storyline, and arrange it all into a movie with its own narrative arc.

4. Collaboration of Siri and Chat GPT

The fourth update is that due to the partnership of Apple and OpenAI, now chat GPT has come directly to Siri. This means that you can use Siri to ask any complicated question. You can get the answer using chatGPT and you can also use many chatgpt features for Free
Now users can type to Siri, and switch between text and voice to communicate with Siri in whatever way feels right for the moment.

5. Priority Update

Fifth Update In Apple Mail you can find important emails and also receive important notifications.
Priority Notifications surface what’s most important, and summaries help users scan long or stacked notifications to show key details right on the Lock Screen.

We have to wait until the end of the year for all these updates and they’ll come along with iOS 18

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