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Baybot Live360° – Surveillance Simplified

The Future of connected devices looks promising with the kind of new tech arriving on the market almost every day. And using this driving force, manufacturers and innovators are adding intelligence to our everyday devices to make them connected so as to make our lives better. Connected devices demonstrate limitless possibilities as it opens up a vast horizon for convenience.

What is it?

Baybot, a home-grown tech brand has introduced the “Baybot Live360° which is its first smart wireless security camera that aims to keep a watchful eye on you in absence of your physical presence. Be it keeping an eye on your kids, family, and property, even when you are away, be it night or day. Baybot Live360° is a Smart Full HD (1080p) Wireless Security Camera that can be plugged into a power source and once connected to a wifi network, can live stream the footage across to you.

Key Features:

Full 360-degree View — 

The Baybot Live360° is a compact wireless camera with a 360° rotating head with a revival movement that can be configured to automatically cover every nook & corner of the space or switch to manual mode to watch a particular area. Controlling the camera’s angle with the app’s interface is pretty easy and lag-free. One can pan or zoom into the desired area you want to watch within seconds. The camera has a wide-angle lens and can pan up to 355° horizontally and 80° vertically to maximize coverage of the area being monitored.

Motion Detection — 

Set up the Live360° to automatically detect motion in the surveillance area. The camera keeps monitoring till it senses any motion in its frame vicinity and instantly alerts you on your smartphone about the happening.

Smart Motion Tracking — 

One cool feature of the Baybot Live360° camera is the intelligent motion tracking feature which can also be set up to automatically track a moving figure, be it a human or pet, or even an object.

Night Vision — 

Just like the camera records during the daytime, it automatically switches to night vision mode the moment the light in the given space goes off. It is also equipped with InfraRed LEDs that capture even in pitch darkness.

2-way Audio Communication —

A built-in microphone and speaker allow you to speak to anyone in close proximity from your smartphone at the push of a button in the Baybot App. Talk in real-time to the other end with ease and almost minimal delay. Be it at work, home or any other place, you can speak to the person on the other end clearly.

24×7 Monitoring — 

One can even slide in a microSD card (up to 128GB) and get up to a month of footage even if there’s no internet connection, or securely save unlimited footage to Baybot’s cloud service for a nominal monthly fee (optional subscription).

Hassle-free Installation— 

Featured with an easy-to-install mounting plate, you can place the Baybot Live360° camera in desired location or space. Simply place the camera on your table, mount it on a wall or secure it to a ceiling and gain a complete view of your environment from anywhere in the world.

Verdict :

Suppose at all you are looking for a portable security solution, and want to avoid the hassle of getting a complete security system which is wired and uses physical servers to store data. In that case, the Baybot Live360° is a gadget worth considering. Its affordability and feature-packed attributes make it a desired tech to keep your surroundings under surveillance.

Price on the web: Rs 2,849


Wide Field of view and real-time broadcast


Feels fragile


Needs to be plugged into a power socket all the time.


  • Alexa and Google voice compatibility

  • Real-time view on App

  • Advanced night vision

  • 2-Way Audio

  • Motion detection and tracking

Star Rating – 4

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