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Learning a New Language? Here Arec

Apps better than Duolingo

We’ve all seen and used Duolingo once in our lifetime. Maybe you had the impulse to learn French with how romantic it can be or you really want to understand anime without subtitles so you decided to take up Japanese. However, it’s also common knowledge that Duolingo is not the best way to learn. Their methods don’t allow for consistent progress. We’ve all seen the weird sentences that you would not use regularly as genuine practice. So what should you use? 


This UK-based app has a great range of coursework to choose from. You can even choose what you would like to focus on and it has reinforcement-based learning. Progress has never been more consistent with Memrise and they use appropriate visual aids to help you memorise vocabulary seamlessly. 

Mango Languages 

Mango Languages is superior in every way. It doesn’t rush you into learning and takes the time to explain the logic behind the grammar and vocabulary. This app is for more serious than casual learners but in our opinion, if you wish to learn something even casually, a serious teaching method will do wonders. 


A huge competitor to Duolingo, Busuu has the same approach to learning as Duolingo with its simple exercises but unlike Duolingo, your work is reviewed by fluent and native speakers. That is an optional advantage but it makes a huge difference to interact with fluent speakers and get their feedback. 


Babbel is again similar to Duolingo but without the nonsensical sentences about animals wearing shirts. Babbel’s gamified coursework is more catered to real-life conversations and scenarios. Thus, giving you practice for daily situations that you might find yourself stuck in. It presents a good challenge to language learners. 


LingoDeer found everything wrong about Duolingo and fixed it. The app is catered towards beginners, a level that language apps are mostly used for. They teach and drill simple vocabulary into you first rather than throwing you in. While this is a confusing method for beginners, serious learners at the beginner level might also appreciate their story-reading coursework. 

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