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Pixel 7a – Best Android Midranger?

Google Pixel devices have often delivered the best of Android money can buy. Emphasis on the ‘money’ part cause these devices DO NOT come at a cheaper price tag. However, Pixel’s A series phones have been a delight as they bring you all the Android greatness at a considerably cheaper rate. This year around, the Google Pixel 7a undoubtedly brings more value for your money with a higher refresh rate, solid camera setup, and wireless charging. But is that all? Let’s find out – 

A Notable Upgrade 

Google has definitely built upon the complaints of the Pixel 6a and introduced better features in its latest midrange offering. This time around, we have a higher 90Hz refresh rate and wireless charging which was missing in the Pixel 6a. Now, we understand that the competition offers a 120Hz refresh rate at this price point but we’ve got to give credits where credit is due. Surprisingly, the higher refresh rate is turned off by default in the settings and users need to it on manually. The display is vibrant and watching content on it is a treat for sure.  What is new is also the face unlock feature which was missing in the Pixel 6a. There’s also an under-display fingerprint sensor that is snappy and works like a charm. 

Moving on, the back of the device is unapologetically plastic but looks and feels premium to hold. The colour variant we’re using is called ‘Charcoal’ with other variants like Sea and Snow available too.  It looks similar to the Pixel 7 which could confuse a lot of consumers out there. 

Superior Cameras

The camera placement is now similar to the flagship Pixel 7 devices and the sensors here might as well be the best in performance in this price range. The Pixel 7a is capable of clicking some amazing shots with an upgraded 64MP primary lens as compared to the 12.2MP lens in the 6a. The beast of a primary lens is coupled with an ultrawide 13MP lens. In front, we have a 13MP selfie lens which is a winner. The camera setup is capable of clicking some stellar images even in low light conditions which will leave you pleasantly surprised. There’s no telephoto lens here and the device relies solely on digital zoom for its pictures which starts to lose details beyond 3x and 4x. Overall, the camera setup is sweet, capturing crisp images in almost every condition. Check out the samples below – 

Inside the hood

The right side of the device features a volume rocker and a lock button which click really well so all of us anxious folks can legit spend their time clicking them, though I wouldn’t advise that.  One drawback could be the absence of a dual or hybrid slim slot as it features a single slot. Users can use an e-sim in case they want to use two numbers, but no physical slot for the same. 

Where Pixel 7a wins is with its Tensor G2 chipset which is the same chip powering the higher variants – Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. We have 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage. That’s it… No Virtual RAM, no 256GB or 512 GB storage options. Just the simple 128GB Storage – take it or leave it! 

Inside the hood, we have a 4385mAh battery running the game which might sound small to people but performs real well in real-time usage. I could easily get through my day with a single charge and moderate usage on the Pixel 7a. However, what’s underwhelming is the 18W charging support which lags way behind the competition and takes too long to charge from single to triple digits. It takes me around 2 hours on average to juice this device up to a 100 which is not ideal in the current scenario where some devices survive a day with just half an hour of charge. While we have wireless charging here it clocks out at 7.5W which Is underwhelming but alright. 

Just one concern

Now that we have established that this indeed is one of the best midrange devices available in India right now, Let’s jump on something that does not work with the Pixel 7a. It Heats Up! It heats up to the point where it is noticeable.. On average usage and clicking photos, the device becomes considerably hot on the sides which will alarm the users. Sometimes the device was also noticed getting warm on standby which was surprising. However, it cools down as quickly as it heats up. 


The Pixel 7a is one of the best midrange devices you can buy right now. It squeezes a premium smartphone experience into a much smaller and cheaper device which genuinely gives the standard Pixel 7 a run for its money. It’s got Google’s premium chipset, and a bigger 90Hz screen. The original Android experience with Google’s homegrown OS and also five years of support. If you’re interested in a no-nonsense device which does not overwhelm you with bloatware and performs wholeheartedly then the Pixel 7a is indeed the one for you. At 43,999 the Pixel 7a is a winner!

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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