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Tech that makes the 2024 Paris Olympics possible

Are you excited about the 2024 Olympics? The 2024 Summer Olympics, now hosted in Paris, France, is scheduled for 26 July 2024. We are taking this opportunity to list and explain the tech that goes behind the scenes of this famed sports event. Let’s take a look at what makes the Olympics possible.

Enhanced Broadcasting and Viewing Experience

The main point of the 2024 Summer Olympics is the viewing experience. Since not everybody has the privilege to experience the Olympics in real life, it is important that they provide a stunning visual of the games. 

5G Technology

5G will enable ultra-high-definition streaming for the events you are tuning in for. These private 5G networks make it possible for you to view the Olympics from the comfort of your home without compromising on quality. 

AR and VR

The 2024 Olympics aims to bring the event to you even further with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies. These will enable you to witness the games from different angles. 

Smart Venues and Sustainability

With sustainability at the top of everyone’s mind, the 2024 Olympics should ideally be zero-waste and much more energy-efficient. So, how are they incorporating better initiatives to combat climate change? 

Smart Infrastructure

Venues will incorporate IoT (Internet of Things) devices for efficient crowd management, security, and energy management.

Sustainability Initiatives

Paris 2024 aims to be one of the most sustainable Olympics, with smart energy solutions, eco-friendly transportation, and a focus on reducing carbon footprints through technology.

Athlete Performance and Training

Athletes always need to stay in shape and improve their performance. Technology also exists to assist them for this exact purpose. 

Wearable Technology 

Advanced wearables will monitor athletes’ health metrics in real-time, including heart rate, hydration levels, and muscle activity, to improve performance. They can also analyse any potential injuries the athletes might suffer during the events. 

AI and Data Analytics 

AI has been improving rapidly so it’s only fitting it will be used in the Olympics. How exactly will it be used? AI will provide accurate data analytics for the players’ performance and create predictions based on those analytics. Moreover, it will create personalised training regimes for the athletes to improve their performance. 

Security and Safety

Security should be the top priority at every high-scale event, including the Olympics. The measures taken at the 2024 Paris Olympics will ensure everyone’s safety, so how exactly will they implement better practices? 

Biometric Security

Enhanced security measures using facial recognition and other biometric technologies will ensure the safety of athletes, staff, and spectators.

Drones and Robotics

Drones will be used for surveillance and logistics, while robots might assist in various tasks around the venues. The drones will provide higher visibility, and robots are the tireless staff that will assist on the ground. 

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Assistive Technologies Innovations aid differently-abled athletes and spectators, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity across all events.

These technologies will collectively make the 2024 Paris Olympics a showcase of how cutting-edge innovations can transform major sporting events, enhancing the experience for everyone involved. 

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