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TikTok is The Best Social Platform for THIS Reason

TikTok is The Best Social Platform for THIS Reason

So what’s trending? That’s what everyone wants to know about, especially on TikTok. While a lot of you use it, the ones who don’t might possibly have some preconceived notions about it. By that we mean the ‘not very good’ notions. The platform has been judged by many and while that has been for all the right reasons, there’s something about TikTok that no other platform has. Let’s figure out what that is.

We have Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and the not-so-popular-anymore Twitter when we want to post content. We love to portray a specific image of ourselves in order to be ‘liked’, literally. Here’s why TikTok is the breath of fresh air amidst all the ‘good looking’ social media platforms. 

  • It breaks stereotypes

Not only is the platform very unique with it’s 15 sec and 60 sec short video format but is also unique in its audience. It is open to ALL and the audience literally welcomes ALL. The platform is used as much by a rickshaw puller as is used by a doctor. It is used as much by a fitness model as is by those with imperfect bodies who promote a message against ‘body shaming’. While a lot of people are of the opinion that the platform is full of generation Z showing off their multicolored hair and grooving an odd move to a sexually explicit song, you need to dive in to actually see what the generation Z is actually doing. They’re promoting messages of anti-racism, love for the LGBTQ community and a lot more that we all can learn from. There’s no other platform that authentically breaks stereotypes without any pretence than TikTok.

  • EVERYONE is the audience

From 14 year olds to 80 year olds and everything in between can be seen doing their thing. There’s an audience for everyone because literally, everyone is the audience. This makes TikTok’s content very very broad and there’s always something for everyone. From makeup artists to phenomenally talented dancers from small villages in some corner of the world, everyone has a voice that can be heard by everyone. Isn’t that a really good thing? 

  • EVERYONE is allowed to be who they are?

While there’s so much pretence and so much care taken about how you look and appear before you switch on your expensive DSLR to capture one picture for Instagram, TikTok audience doesn’t care. They only want to see good content. If you’re talented or have something good to offer, they don’t care how you look or if you’re rich or poor. That makes the platform free of judgement. Status, gender, appearance no bar. You’re free to be who you are and you’ll not be shamed but accepted with open arms. Makes you feel at home, doesn’t it? 

  • The Talent you see will put your Judgements to Shame

While most platforms are about pictures and videos, the formats, sound effects, music and filters you see on TikTok allow you to do much more. So if you thought a Rashmi from Jaunpur can’t rap because ‘Does she even know English?’, you’re so wrong. This is one place where you’ll see so much talent from every corner of the world that it will urge you to showcase what you can do too! The energy and positivity is phenomenal. 

These are the four major reasons why you should download TikTok and check it out. Now before you think ‘TikTok is for kids who want to show the new pair of red and yellow sneakers they bought’, read point number 3 again. It’s only when you put your judgement aside will you be able to see all that we just told you. After all, it’s not only unfair but also dangerous to live with assumptions! 

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