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Want Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates? Visit Telegram

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In the world of whims and fancies that may be necessary for you, there will always be existing unethical and fraudulent practices. And, it happened with the COVID-19 vaccination, and this news will somewhere wake up some authorities for sure as such instances are highly unacceptable at any place. According to an agency named Check Point Research, fake vaccination certificates are floating in the market, even in India. To dig more into this news on fake certificates, let’s get to know how such things are possible from this Exhibit blog. 

Fake Certificates

I sometimes try to imagine the pain this world is suffering from fake things. Look at social media, and every day you will get something apart from fake news. Humanity has not come out from this fake pit that a stone named fake COVID-19 certificate has thrown them back again to the dungeon. As per the news, Check Point Research provided information on fake certifications that are available on the Telegram app through some channels. In India, if you want to buy a fake COVID-19 vaccine certificate, all you need is to pay INR 5520/-. As per the revenue generated, there is a clear inference that many people are using such platforms. These fake documents will help them escape the normal drive.  

How to generate fake vaccination certificates? 

Let’s talk about India. After getting vaccinated, you can download the vaccination certificate from the COWIN platform or the Aarogya Setu app. In which format are they available? PDF. Can one edit PDF documents or generate a new PDF? Yes, of course. If you are a coder and have expertise in languages like Python, you can fabricate new information into the document. It is because Python gives the leverage of using advanced libraries related to PDF processing operations. That’s it, you develop an application, and you will be generating money for yourself unethically. 

Is it stoppable?

Of Course. And, India can do this easily. How? Remember, Indian authorities came up with the idea that they will provide a 4-digit pin whenever you make an appointment for your vaccination slot. And, when you reach those vaccination centers, the very first thing they are demanding is that same 4-digit pin. Hence, to keep the entire process accountable, this 4-digit pin is handy. But, the administration has to add one more layer of verification. Why? No, no, not in the software application but for information sharing. The administration can allow travel authorities and other concerned departments to check and verify the 4-digit security pin to avoid irregular movement of people. 


India holds the deterrence against this event, and we should feel the pride that India doesn’t have to go through damage control as such key features during the vaccination drive. For other trending news, 

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