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3 Body Problem – A Bold Hit by Netflix 

3 Body Problem

The era of science fiction is now. Netflix’s recent adaptation of 3 Body Problem, originally written by Liu Cixin, is a science fiction epic with an identity of its own. It intentionally warps your perception of right and wrong, all wrapped up in the cast of complex characters and the brutality of existence. Brought by the Game of Thrones showrunners, their talents only elevated the story’s horror and political thrill. 

Visual Grandeur – How 3 Body Problem Immerses the Audience 

The cinematography is one of the best assets of 3 Body Problem. With its brilliant visuals, the other world, Trisolaran, was showcased in a stunning but spine-chilling manner. The sense of peace and organisation bleeds into a state of chaos and dread. The series doesn’t shy away from depicting the scientific horrors faced by the San-Ti on their home planet. We see a world ravaged by chaotic weather patterns and gravitational fluctuations, brilliantly visualized through CGI storms and landscapes that seem to defy physics. 

Dialogue and Dynamic 

In this chaos, there’s also a certain beauty in it. It makes you wonder how different the San-Ti are from us. They look like us but don’t understand us. They strive for a naive, ideal world but are disappointed by our reality. That is where the dialogue comes in. The natural flow and chemistry between the characters is another superpower. However, this dynamic gets switched when communicating with the San-Ti. It’s stunted and the massive miscommunication is the catalyst for the catastrophic events. It quickly becomes a dance of intellect between the players. More than that, 3 Body Problem isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty with complex scientific concepts. The dialogue is a constant dance between the characters, filled with discussions about physics, mathematics, and the nature of reality. While it might start out confusing you with jargon, the events become clear and connected as time goes on. 

Jin Cheng and Jack Rooney (John Bradley)

Casting Choices – Did They Do Justice?

The ensemble cast of 3 Body Problem delivers strong performances, breathing life into characters who are forced to grapple with existential anxieties and the weight of potential annihilation. Benedict Wong, as the enigmatic Clarence Shi, brings a captivating intensity to the role, while Eiza Gonzalez delivers a nuanced performance as Augustina Salazar, the brilliant and fierce astrophysicist. Rosalind Chao as the genius Ye Weinjie is the perfect choice to play the terrifyingly determined senior astrophysicist, the mastermind of the past and present. The sole criticism would lie in the division of the personalities of various characters from the novels into the characters made for the TV version made them lose their individuality. For example, the personality and story of Wang Miao, a main character from the novel, was divided between Jin Cheng (Jess Hong) and Salazar’s characters. Many fans of the original trilogy did not favour this decision. 

Benedict Wong as Clarence Shi and Liam Cunningham as Thomas Wade

So Is It Worth It? 

Despite its minor flaws and the intensity of the gore, 3 Body Problem is a revolutionary concept for science fiction. Liu Cixin’s expansive story deserves more attention and this adaptation served justice. There is a reason why it’s trending on social media currently. From a stunning cast to the depiction of morality, 3 Body Problem is an epic to remember for the ages. The positive reviews speak for themselves and we hope for a Season 2 and more. 

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