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10 Interesting facts about the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

  • GTA V was made with 270 million dollars, and since its release, the game has sold 160 million copies, making it the second-best-selling game of all time.
  • The script of GTA V was about 3,500 pages long and included 1,60,000 dialogue lines, almost double the previous instalment of the series, GTA IV.
  • The GTA V is very realistic that cuts and bruises will remain on the body once you get discharged from the hospital, and stubble will grow in time if you shave your head.

  • The actor Steven Ogg, who voiced Trevor Philips in GTA V, was often seen wearing only his underwear to remain in character while recording the voice-over.
  • GTA V allows you to change the phone’s settings from ringing to vibrating when you receive a call on your phone.
  • Elvis Presley has a role to play in GTA III, the newspapers you found on the ground feature an article, ‘Zombie Elvis Found’ with a photo of the King of Rock and Roll.

  • The characters Ryder and OG Loc from the Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas were modelled after famous rappers Eazy-E and Ja Rule, respectively.
  • The Grand Theft Auto franchise is known for lifelong scripts and dialogues, but strangely, the lead character of GTA III does not say anything throughout the entire game.
  • The GTA franchise only features two minor characters, the first one in the GTA Vice City, a baby named Mary-Beth Williams and another in GTA IV, named Jill Von Crastenburg.
  • Rockstar Games has suffered many GTA-related lawsuits from citizens all over the world, totalling over $1 billion thus far.
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