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In Conversations With – Mr Yeshudas Pillai, Country Head, Garmin India

Q1. Describe yourself in three sentences 

A self-motivated leader and a passionate professional ready to take up challenges with a pragmatic approach

An enterprising leader with great people management skills leading towards the accomplishment of common goals & objectives 

guided by my life mantras – to be a student for life, to be open to learning from one and all

Q2. What is the one subject you think aspiring leaders should learn? 

Leaders need to learn that leadership is no longer about the title(s) or designation(s). It fundamentally revolves around influence, impact, inspiration, ideology and integrity

  • Influence: doing or getting things done in line with larger organizational goals 
  • Impact: how your internal & external stakeholders perceive you
  • Inspiration: how your superiors and subordinates always look up to you 
  • Ideology: the right exposure, experience and understanding that you have gained over the years
  • Integrity: your love, passion & commitment towards your job/organization/team/society at large, even when no one is watching 

Q3. One thing you believe is essential for sustained growth 

I believe in maintaining relationships, whether it’s old customers or making new ones. The effort in building a new relationship is 10 times the cost of maintaining an existing one for sustained growth. 

Q4. One book that you love and the one you’ve bookmarked? 

To be honest, there are quite a few, but IKIGAI & “Wings of Fire” – The autobiography of Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is my absolute favourite

Q5. Leadership quotes that inspire you. 

  • “Be the player who runs for the GOAL and not a referee who looks for FAULTS.”
  • “If you want to change the FRUITS, you will first have to change the ROOTS. If you want to change the VISIBLE, you must first change the INVISIBLE.”

Q6. What is your unique way of maintaining a work-life balance? 

The key is to avoid carrying workplace baggage back home and personal baggage to the workplace. Always find substantial time for a workout to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Q7. Significant learning in the past couple of years? 

In the past few years, we have witnessed a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, and it has become significant for brands to adapt their strategies, prioritize them and eventually deliver the right product or message to the new-age consumers. 

Q8. To cite a few must-haves Marketing Strategies:

  1. Trust is built on privacy
  2. The omnichannel offering is appreciated
  3. Revisit / Rework / Reconsider your messaging to Consumers
  4. Flexible & empathetic customer service, along with state-of-the-art products and competitive pricing, is the key
  5. Tangible benefits lead to brand loyalty
  6. Keep innovating

Q9. Some productivity apps and technologies you use in your daily life?

My must-haves are MS Teams, Dropbox, OneNote, etc., and of course, a smartphone.

Q10. What is your technology detox?

I like to indulge in activities like running, road travel, photography, reading, cooking etc.

Q11. If money was not a bar, what piece of tech and automobile would you own? 

I am happy with what I have, but if I must choose one thing if money was not a bar, I would preferably be a Philanthropist.

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