7 Work Essentials for a Relaxed Work Life

7 Work Essentials for a Relaxed Work Life

SURGE™ Max 3-In-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger (30W)

Having a desk aligned with your daily needs is the best way to stay calm and composed at work. With the rise of online shopping, the process of buying has become easier than ever. However, in a world of fast fashion, having something unique and trendy at your fingertips always keeps you in the game. And DailyObjects is one such brand where you can find design-centric products that add more style to your desk.

Arete Laptop Stand / ₹2499

Arete Laptop Stand

When the talk is about work and desk, the laptop automatically enters the chat. Having a laptop makes your work life easy, but having a laptop with a stand keeps your back in line. Arete laptop stand offers superior stability to help you improve your posture, and its free-flowing open design ensures an effortless user experience. With a smooth leatherette at the base, the stand helps you avoid unwanted slips and scratches.

  • Available in 5 colour options – Black, Blue, Green, Ivory White and Red

Trigono Mouse Pad / ₹699

Trigono Mouse Pad

The next one in the line of essentials is the mouse pad, the one that helps your mouse to roam on the screen freely like a wanderer. The Trigono mouse pad by DailyObjects elevates usability and adds convenience to your work time. The multifunctional mouse pad is made from premium soft leather and can be used as a phone stand and desk organiser. It sports pass-through cutouts for effective cable management, keeping your desk neat and tidy.

  • Available in 3 colour options – Black-Blue, Red-Black and Tan-Brown

Marshal Tech Kit Organiser / ₹1999


Marshal Tech Kit Organiser B

What makes you a perfect person? I don’t know the exact answer, but I think staying organised does bring you closer to perfection. We spend most part of our day at the desk, and sorting your desk takes a lot of time. To make things easier, DailyObjects is offering a zip-around kit organiser that can sit firmly at your desk and also in your backpack. The Marshal tech kit organiser can be a second home to your earbuds, USB cables, and chargers.

  • Available in 3 colour options – Blue, Mustard and Red

Desk Trio Bundle – Limited Edition / ₹1999

Desk Trio Bundle - Limited Edition

Everyone puts their stuff on the desk, be it a phone or wallet, but that creates a clutter on your desk. When your desk is full of clutter, you often lose focus, and it affects your productivity. Now, to avoid such situations, get a limited edition desk trio bundle from DailyObjects, which contains a desk mat, mouse pad and foldable leather pouch to put your stuff such as smartphone, specs, keys, and wallet.

  • Available in 2 colour options – Black and Tan

SURGE™ Max 3-In-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger (30W) / ₹5999

SURGE™ Max 3-In-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger (30W)

You don’t ask questions when someone offers you a phone charger, earbuds case charger, and smartwatch charger in one device. DailyObjects SURGE™ Max 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger is a one-stop station that powers three of your devices simultaneously. The charger is compatible with iPhone 8 to 15 series, Qi-enabled smartphones, all Apple Watches, AirPods, and Qi-enabled earbuds. The charger delivers an output of up to 18W for Phones, 5W for Airpods/Qi-enabled earbuds and 3W for Apple Watch.

Array Organiser with Planner /  ₹1999

Array Organiser with Planner

We are quite ahead in the path of technology, but we can’t rely on it completely. Deep down, our roots are still connected with the old school accessories and ‘Array Organiser with Planner’ is one such product. Unlike other ordinary planners, this well-designed minimalist planner can store a whole range of your essentials, such as tiny drives, cables, pens, cards, and even an iPad. So, to save your time and achieve new levels of productivity, get a planner ASAP.

  • Available in 4 colour options – Blue, Brown, Green and Red

Crossbody Phone Lanyard – Cord / ₹1199

Crossbody Utility Phone Lanyard

When you’re on the move, you must take care of your smartphone. Along with a phone case, you should also have a lanyard to protect your phone from sudden slips. Wear them across the body or snug them as a neck sling to add security and style to your appearance. These phone lanyards are designed to support all kinds of smartphones, be it Apple or Android. They are best suited for urban explorers due to their adaptable and adjustable nature.

  • Available in 5 colour options – Beige, Green, Navy Blue, Orange and Red

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