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Pluto Wants To Talk With You Using Google LaMDA

Google LaMDA

I don’t surf anything on Facebook as I can’t see the frequency of poison these platforms are penetrating into Indian society. However, I have never left LinkedIn, and it has become a habit of following it like Facebook. Yesterday, I found one post where Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, shows how their new tool, LaMDA, will work. Considering what I have seen in Google I/O editions, I feel amazed with whichever product they bring every time. This Exhibit blog is for you to give you more details on this Google LaMDA tool. 

Pluto Conversing With Human

Through the video, Pichai shared the information that LaMDA is currently in the research and development stage. But, the Google team created a snippet to show this tool is working. LaMDA was acting like a dwarf planet, Pluto, where it was talking about itself. The concerned individual who was interacting with Pluto asked about the information of whether came to visit it. In reply, Pluto answered that it was New Horizon that came a few days back. This conversation can simply give some an awestruck mode. I remembered how their voice module booked a haircut with one shop. 

Working Principle of Google LaMDA tool

Many may like this part or section as it contains the granular detail of anything the Exhibit discusses. First of all, it is clear that this tool has added some essential libraries like NLP, speech recognition, apart from machine learning models. The machine learning model and the dataset help this tool grab information on any domain, in this case, Pluto. When it recognizes the words that the user has told, it stores the essential keywords and accordingly sends a reply. This process continues unless the tool gets any hint that the individual is going to stop the conversation. 

Cons of Google LaMDA tool

Well, no one will tell, but I think I got one. You will say that even Google or any Tech review firm has not come up with it. But, yes, I got one. How? Here’s it. If you watch the video, you will see that this tool, when acting like Pluto, said that New Horizon had visited it a few days back. It means this tool has no information if any extraterrestrial object went to the dwarf planet. Hence, the information on the basis of which this tool will interact can be limited if the Google team has not provided it. Therefore, it may also happen that if you are talking to the coral reefs of Thailand about the sun cream ban, it may not be able to tell anything on the issue.

Potential of Google LaMDA tool

I see one can use it anywhere and everywhere, wherever one wants to use it. Consider that the Indian railway reservation system integrates this tool. Then, you can book a ticket merely using it and without tapping on any button or options. You will only have to use your hand when you have to book your tickets. Take another instance, you are VP of sales of your organization, and your ERP cum CRM software application has Google LaMDA as one of its features. You can easily check out the potential sales and actual revenue by comparing the leads generated in any stipulated timeline. 

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