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Not Everything Chinese is a Virus

Not Everything Chinese is a Virus

Well, the halt of Chinese products and the promotion of ‘Make in India’ was not just a hype after all. Looking at the current scenario, who would want to invest in Chinese businesses? We’d rather sustain our own economy right now. Since, China is very much the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons right now, we have another legit reason for you to say good bye to all things Chinese. These Chinese apps could be spreading a pandemic in your phone right now. Get rid of them, we suggest. It’s not only us but the government agrees too. 

Caution: There’s not five or ten of them. There’s a whopping 42 Chinese apps that could be spyware or malware. 

There are also some alarming and ironic facts that we will talk about but first let’s see which are the apps in your phone that need to go to trash right now.

  • Weibo (Time to say ‘We Go’)
  • WeChat (Time to sing We don’t Chat anymore)
  • SHAREIt (Shares more than you want it to)
  • UC News (gives your news to spies)
  • UC Browser (knows what’s happening in your house while you browse)
  • BeautyPlus (Minus privacy of course)
  • NewsDog (Don’t be the dog)
  • Viva Video (We ‘no’ video)
  • Parallel Space (And parallel spying)
  • APUS browser (Read again. It’s not ASUS) 
  • Perfect Corp (with imperfect intentions)
  • Virus Cleaner (more like virus installer?)
  • CM Browser (Chief Malware browser?)
  • Mi Community (Of spies!)
  • DU Recorder (Ewww Recorder)
  • Vault-Hide (Sensitive Details SHOW)
  • YouCam MakeUp (You CAN’T)
  • Mi Store (of Malware)
  • CacheClear DU Apps Studio (Cash clear?)
  • DU Battery Saver (Data drainer?)
  • DU Cleaner (Wiping out your private data!)
  • DU Privacy (not so private after all)
  • 360 security (against your info!)
  • DU Browser (click bait!)
  • Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile (Maybe, as fast as a Cheetah when it comes to compromising your data?)
  • Baidu translate (translating your data for cyber attacks)
  • Baidu Map (tracking all your moves)
  • Wonder Camera (makes you wonder where your info got leaked)
  • ES File Explorer (ES File Destroyer)
  • Photo Wonder (All those selfies aren’t private to you)
  • QQ International (International spies)
  • QQ Player (playing with your data)
  • QQ NewsFeed (feeding someone else with your news)
  • WeSync (Your data with our intentions)
  • QQ Security Centre (Securing Malware on your device)
  • SelfieCity (Selfish City?)
  • Mail Master (Malware Master)
  • QQ Launcher (Launching viruses on your phone)
  • Mi Video call (Your and everyone else’s video call is in trouble)

That’s a very long list there. These Chinese apps aren’t banned but it is advisable to delete them if you have installed them on your phone. If you haven’t, we have you reasons enough to not install them. 

Do you see a strange and ironic finding?

Most of these apps are anti-virus apps. It definitely makes you less suspicious of them. Who can imagine that an app that’s supposed to rid your phone of viruses will end up infecting it instead? Now that you know that these apps could be a threat, there shouldn’t be a doubt. 

The one that’s caught off guard in this controversial and factual news is Xiaomi. We all love Xiaomi and all its offerings to us but since this has instilled some amount of fear against the use of Mi apps, it could mean ‘crisis’ management time for Xiaomi. For those who trust the brand, continuation of use will be seen but it will be hard to instill the same trust in new buyers. Let’s see how Xiaomi handles the situation.

Another brand that everyone was shocked to see on the list is TrueCaller. However, before things got out of hand, Sweden based TrueCaller said in their defense: “In response to certain reports, we would like to clarify that we are a Sweden based company. We are not sure why the app is on this list, but we’re investigating. Truecaller is not a malware, and all our features are permission-based and are disabled by default.” This statement is believable because TrueCaller is a Swedish brand but it does make everyone wonder why it was on the list. 

As of now, there’s no concrete evidence or proof for the public at least. However, the government has listed these as threats and we must avoid the risk unless we want our phones to also be hit by a pandemic. Just saying. I mean it isn’t that important to take Selfies with a SelfieCity, right?

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